Postal Code Database Canada

Download our Canadian Postal Code Database with geographical Coordinates (lat/lon) to calculate distances between Postal Codes or to determine all Postal Codes within a given radius.

Postal Codes Canada
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Details (Last update: 1. June 2024)

The Canadian Postal Code Database contains all Canadian Postal Codes in the format A0A 0A0, the city for each postal code, province, and manually verified latitude & longitude coordinates. All 'Forward sortation areas' (FSA) and all 'Local delivery units' (LDU) are included.

Datatable Structure

Fieldname Datatype
countrycode varchar(2)
postalcode varchar(7)
city varchar(64)
province varchar(48)
provincecode varchar(2)
timezone varchar(10)
daylightsaving varchar(1)
latitude decimal(13, 9)
longitude decimal(13, 9)

Database Content

Data Amount
Provinces 13
Cities 7,507
Unique Postal Codes 869,130
Geocoded locations 100 %
Number of records 871,178

Available Database Formats:

  • CSV / Excel
  • MS Access
  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • PostGreSQL

Postal Codes within a Radius

Having a database of localities with their latitudes and longitudes enables you to locate the closest cities to a set point (or within a radius of X).

To help you implement a ZIP code radius or distance search, we offer free access to example codes in many scripting and programming languages like ASP (VBScript), ASP.NET (C#), PHP, Coldfusion and more.

Since we stand behind the accuracy of our product, the formulas in our example scripts take the earth's curvature into consideration. With this in play, the accuracy of our product is pinpoint.

Working examples

Sample Data

CA;M4J 4Z9;Toronto;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.67661346;-79.3280197
CA;M4J 5A1;Toronto;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.67593793;-79.3286134
CA;M4J 5A2;Toronto;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.67623031;-79.3291471
CA;M4J 5A3;Toronto;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.67567894;-79.3294478
CA;M4J 5A4;Toronto;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.67618048;-79.3297304
CA;M4J 5A5;Toronto;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.67657460;-79.3303585
CA;M4J 5A6;Toronto;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.67733607;-79.3305363
CA;M4J 5A7;Toronto;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.67747250;-79.3303820
CA;M4J 5A9;Toronto;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.67770673;-79.3305091
CA;M4J 5B1;East York;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.68977228;-79.3416175
CA;M4J 5B2;Toronto;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.67711312;-79.3299036
CA;M4J 5B3;Toronto;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.68134897;-79.3379472
CA;M4J 5B5;Toronto;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.68189053;-79.3314979
CA;M4J 5B6;Toronto;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.68221689;-79.3317368
CA;M4J 5B7;Toronto;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.67825982;-79.3352564
CA;M4J 5B8;Toronto;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.67905960;-79.3355132
CA;M4J 5B9;Toronto;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.67919750;-79.3447097
CA;M4J 5C2;East York;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.69067085;-79.3280439
CA;M4J 5C3;Toronto;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.68352865;-79.3253955
CA;M4J 5C4;Toronto;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.68315106;-79.3239657
CA;M4J 5C6;East York;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.69551609;-79.3448094
CA;M4J 5C7;East York;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.69629607;-79.3453371
CA;M4K 1A1;Toronto;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.66622205;-79.3527685
CA;M4K 1A2;Toronto;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.66643034;-79.3531440
CA;M4K 1A3;Toronto;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.66766848;-79.3475204
CA;M4K 1A4;Toronto;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.66778944;-79.3477422
CA;M4K 1A5;Toronto;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.66821201;-79.3459004
CA;M4K 1A6;Toronto;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.66812817;-79.3455120
CA;M4K 1A7;Toronto;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.66734918;-79.3537498
CA;M4K 1A8;Toronto;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.66860324;-79.3485686
CA;M4K 1A9;Toronto;Ontario;ON;GMT -05:00;Y;43.66861746;-79.3481962

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