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ZIP Code Database USA

Download our US ZIP Code Database with geographical Coordinates (lat/lon) to calculate distances between ZIP Codes or to determine all ZIP Codes within a given radius.

ZIP Code Database USA
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Details (Last update: 1. July 2024)

The USA ZIP Code Database contains all 5 digit US ZIP Codes, the default city for each ZIP Code, County, State, and manually verified latitude & longitude coordinates.

Unlike other ZIP code data suppliers, our data is optimized for the purpose of 'ZIP codes within a radius' calculation. This means that all ZIP Codes are 100% geocoded. City aliases are not occupying their own distinct records but are listed in an extra datafield for faster calculation.

Datatable Structure

Fieldname Datatype
countrycode varchar(2)
zipcode varchar(5)
city varchar(64)
city-aliases varchar(MAX)
county varchar(64)
county-fips varchar(4)
state varchar(48)
statecode varchar(2)
state-fips varchar(2)
timezone varchar(10)
daylightsaving varchar(1)
latitude decimal(13, 9)
longitude decimal(13, 9)

Database Content

Data Amount
States 50 (+ 12 Army / Overseas)
Cities 29,743
Unique ZIP Codes 42,037
Geocoded locations 100 % (except: Armed Forces in Overseas)
Number of records 42,122
83,102 (City Aliases counted)

Available Database Formats:

  • CSV / Excel
  • MS Access
  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • PostGreSQL

ZIP Codes within a Radius

Having a database of ZIP codes with their latitudes and longitudes enables you to locate the closest ZIP codes to a set point or specified radius.

To help you implement a ZIP code radius or distance search, we offer free access to example codes in many scripting and programming languages like ASP (VBScript), ASP.NET (C#), PHP, Coldfusion and more.

In addition, you'll receive our complimentary ZIP Code in a Radius application that's executable in Microsoft Access. For your convenience, we left all source code open for further development.

Since we stand behind the accuracy of our product, the formulas in our example scripts take the earth's curvature into consideration. With this in play, the accuracy of our product is pinpoint.

Working examples

Sample Data

US;94301;Palo Alto;Palo Alto;SANTA CLARA;085;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.44300418;-122.151342
US;94302;Palo Alto;Palo Alto;SANTA CLARA;085;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.44184901;-122.142186
US;94303;Palo Alto;East Palo Alto/Palo Alto/E Palo Alto;SANTA CLARA;085;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.45809827;-122.123543
US;94304;Palo Alto;Palo Alto;SANTA CLARA;085;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.40446424;-122.167761
US;94305;Stanford;Stanford/Palo Alto;SANTA CLARA;085;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.42403628;-122.167743
US;94306;Palo Alto;Palo Alto;SANTA CLARA;085;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.41185385;-122.129525
US;94309;Palo Alto;Palo Alto/Stanford;SANTA CLARA;085;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.44172883;-122.141794
US;94401;San Mateo;San Mateo;SAN MATEO;081;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.57431309;-122.319760
US;94402;San Mateo;San Mateo;SAN MATEO;081;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.54005540;-122.330554
US;94403;San Mateo;San Mateo;SAN MATEO;081;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.54076023;-122.304490
US;94404;San Mateo;San Mateo/Foster City;SAN MATEO;081;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.55468039;-122.269424
US;94497;San Mateo;San Mateo/Postal Data Center;SAN MATEO;081;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.56333681;-122.324719
US;94501;Alameda;Alameda Pt/Alameda;ALAMEDA;001;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.77358919;-122.278630
US;94502;Alameda;Alameda;ALAMEDA;001;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.73443455;-122.244457
US;94503;American Canyon;American Cyn/Vallejo/American Canyon;NAPA;055;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;38.20397306;-122.233153
US;94505;Discovery Bay;Byron/Discovery Bay;CONTRA COSTA;013;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.88902420;-121.602884
US;94506;Danville;Blackhawk/Danville;CONTRA COSTA;013;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.81024114;-121.911398
US;94507;Alamo;Alamo;CONTRA COSTA;013;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.85322261;-121.991061
US;94508;Angwin;Angwin;NAPA;055;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;38.58514151;-122.441484
US;94509;Antioch;Antioch;CONTRA COSTA;013;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.99013887;-121.808322
US;94510;Benicia;Benicia;SOLANO;095;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;38.09537842;-122.126919
US;94511;Bethel Island;Bethel Island;CONTRA COSTA;013;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;38.05373416;-121.628572
US;94512;Birds Landing;Birds Landing;SOLANO;095;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;38.12754463;-121.839100
US;94513;Brentwood;Brentwood;CONTRA COSTA;013;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.90000170;-121.735850
US;94514;Byron;Byron/Discovery Bay;CONTRA COSTA;013;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.81948219;-121.642957
US;94515;Calistoga;Calistoga;NAPA;055;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;38.61859880;-122.586085
US;94516;Canyon;Canyon;CONTRA COSTA;013;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.83292913;-122.189194
US;94517;Clayton;Clayton;CONTRA COSTA;013;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.89476070;-121.872360
US;94518;Concord;Concord;CONTRA COSTA;013;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.95367031;-122.022334
US;94519;Concord;Concord;CONTRA COSTA;013;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.99041933;-122.002070
US;94520;Concord;Clyde/Concord;CONTRA COSTA;013;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;38.00493565;-122.036583
US;94521;Concord;Concord;CONTRA COSTA;013;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.96557417;-121.953044
US;94522;Concord;Concord;CONTRA COSTA;013;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.97849304;-122.030498
US;94523;Pleasant Hill;Concord/Pleasant Hill;CONTRA COSTA;013;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.95394152;-122.078409
US;94524;Concord;Concord;CONTRA COSTA;013;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.97877750;-122.031412
US;94525;Crockett;Crockett;CONTRA COSTA;013;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;38.04861495;-122.229860
US;94526;Danville;Danville;CONTRA COSTA;013;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.81399980;-121.998889
US;94527;Concord;Concord;CONTRA COSTA;013;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.97852760;-122.030610
US;94528;Diablo;Diablo;CONTRA COSTA;013;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.84140708;-121.962956
US;94529;Concord;Chevron/Chevron Usa Inc/Concord;CONTRA COSTA;013;California;CA;06;GMT -08:00;Y;37.97845772;-122.030385

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