Licenses / Terms and Conditions

Standard CC license

(Creative Commons - Backlink required)

In order to get free access to our USA ZIP code database Standard license subscription please follow these instructions carefully:

You must link to our website, provided you do so in a way that is fair and legal and which does not damage our reputation or take advantage of it.

You must link to our website from all pages on which you are using our database with the following HTML code:

ZIP code database by <a href="" rel="follow">ZIPCodeSoft</a>

You must not use a link to our website to suggest our approval or endorsement where none exists.

You must not remove or obscure by framing or otherwise, advertisements, the copyright notice, or other information published on the website.

We reserve the right to withdraw linking permission without notice.

Please contact us after you have placed the link on your website.

Once the backlink is manually approved by us we will email your login credentials to you. This may take up to 24h.

Standard License

Usage Rights. You may:

a. Copy the data from ZIPCodeSoft to all computers within the company or the legal entity that has bought the files.

b. Use all files in all applications (e.g. websites, desktop applications) within the company or the legal entity that has bought the files , free from copyright infringement, whether such application is for free or paid.

Prohibitions. You may not:

a. Sell the Product; rent the Product; lease or lend the Product; publish the Product electronically; distribute the Product by any means including online auction, internet 'virtual world' sites, direct mail, retail, mail order or other means; or publicly display the Product.

b. Use or permit the use of the databases and scripts from this Product, or any part thereof, as a trademark or service mark, or claim any proprietary rights of any kind in the databases and scripts or any part thereof.

c. Post or permit the posting of any databases and scripts from this Product on any internet 'virtual world' enterprise, electronic bulletin board, blog, or website, even when contained in another product.

d. Distribute, or permit the distribution of any databases and scripts from the Product on any internet 'virtual world' enterprise, electronic bulletin board, blog, or website as freeware or for a fee.

e. Sell or distribute any databases and scripts from this Product as stock files, in any size or format, either alone or as part of a digital file library or other product.

f. Use or permit the use of the databases and scripts from this Product, or any part thereof, including derivative works, in any product for sale or resale or for use by others, whether or not for sale or resale, without written permission from ZIPCodeSoft.

Redistribution License

A redistribution license will be required if you want to redistribute data from ZIPCodeSoft with applications used by third parties.

A redistribution license is REQUIRED if :

a. You sell or distribute software, even for free, or any kind of application, including mobile and web apps, containing data from ZIPCodeSoft.

b. You allow downloads on an internet product which contains data from ZIPCodeSoft.

c. Whenever you provide third parties with a product which may contain any data from a ZIPCodeSoft file.

A redistribution license is not necessary :

a. As long as the data used remains in the company or the legal entity that has bought the files.

b. For personal use.

c. For use on websites owned by the company or the legal entity that has bought the files, as long as long the data are part of the website and cannot be accessible in their original format or unprotected. The use of the data cannot be the main purpose of the website.

The use of ZIPCodeSoft data is NOT ALLOWED if :

a. You put at disposal files containing data from ZIPCodeSoft in any kind of form - free of charge or with payment - that would not be encrypted or accessible unprotected.

b. You use ZIPCodeSoft data for an application or a website whose main purpose would be the use of this data.

Regardless of the licence type, you must guarantee that the ZIPCodeSoft data that you are using are protected against copy and cannot, without exception, be used by third parties.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have questions about our licence agreements.


You save up to 20% with our long term subscriptions.

The 1-year subscription includes the current edition (month you placed the order) of the ZIPCodeSoft database plus 11 monthly updates.

The 2-year subscription includes the current edition (month you placed the order) of the ZIPCodeSoft database plus 23 monthly updates. You save 20%

The 3-year subscription includes the current edition (month you placed the order) of the ZIPCodeSoft database plus 35 monthly updates.

The updates are published for download in your personal download area within the first 7 days of each month.

Conditions of Use

This website is the exclusive property of ZIPCodeSoft. Using this website and/or any and all data, files and other resources provided by ZIPCodeSoft entails the full acceptation by the user of the following Terms and Conditions of Sale and Use.

Payment and method of payment

The prices of our products are in US$, inclusive of taxes. Every purchase must be paid in US$. ZIPCodeSoft reserves the right to update its prices at any time. Products are always invoiced based on the prices in force when an order was registered. The payment of a purchase is made with a credit/debit card through the online payment gateway Paypal. Eurocard/Mastercard and Visa are all accepted. The client is sole responsible for the actual payment of the purchased product.


Purchased products are directly accessible through a download link after validation of the payment. An email is sent to the client with instructions and terms for the download. Links sent to the client will remain active for the subscription period from the date of purchase and will be deactivated after this period. Should any issue related to a link arise, we encourage the client to contact us as soon as possible.

Customer Service

Our customer service is available through our online contact form to provide you with further information and answer any questions related to our products.

Return and cancellation Policy

Subscription fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. You may extensively review the material available on our website before completing any purchase to ensure that our files match your requirements. However if for some reason you feel you are entitled to get a refund, please feel free to send us a request through our contact form stating your case.


All and any texts, data and images contained in the website, are copyrighted and all rights are reserved. Therefore and according to copyright laws, only a private usage is allowed without prejudice of any other enforcement, possibly more restrictive, of the afore mentioned copyright laws. Any database purchased on ZIPCodeSoft website may be used and integrated into an application or a website made available to end users for free and/or with a commercial intent under the strict conditions that the aforementioned data are not the primary object of the application or website and that the purpose is not the usage of data provided by ZIPCodeSoft. Therefore all and any data provided by ZIPCodeSoft must be part of the application or the website and must not be made available to end users in its original format. Apart from the described usage the client is forbidden to copy, reproduce, distribute, sell, publish or otherwise exploit and/or redistribute under any format whatsoever including but not limited to electronic supports, the information available on the website and/or in the databases provided by ZIPCodeSoft. Therefore, all and any other usages shall constitute a forgery offense and will be prosecuted to the full extent of governing copyright laws, unless a prior written consent is obtained from ZIPCodeSoft.

Limited warranty and limitation of liability

The client assumes all and any responsibility and risk for the use of any services and/or data provided by ZIPCodeSoft. All and any information and data provided by ZIPCodeSoft through its website and/or databases is supplied on an "as is" basis without warranties of any kind, express or implied. The only warranty provided by ZIPCodeSoft is to deliver any products purchased by the client within a reasonable timeframe. Therefore under no circumstances shall ZIPCodeSoft be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages that may result from the loss of information or any problems arising during the electronic payment, costs incurred due to delays or the inability to obtain or use any of the products or the website and this no matter the origin of the problem. This disclaimer shall be applied to all and any cases even if one of the parties had previously been made aware of possible damages as afore described.


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